Keep it a game


Self Assessment Tool

First thing's first, let's introduce you to...yourself

Before taking all the right decisions, the best thing to do would be to assess my betting behavior. With this self-assessment tool, I can see where I should be paying some extra attention to keep my game safe. Could I be having a betting issue? To find out if gambling has had a negative impact on my or someone else's life, a reflection on full honesty on the questions to assess my gambling behavior is needed.


So, let's answer honestly the following questions

Have Ι ever neglected my studies or work due to gambling?

Do I gamble to pass time or out of boredom?

Do I play alone and for long periods of time?

Have others ever criticized my gambling?

Have I ever lost interest in family, friends, or hobbies due to gambling?

Has it ever happened to me to lie, borrow or even steal money to cover my gambling losses?

Am I reluctant to spend money allocated for gambling on other goals?



Now, let's check the tools that can keep your game safe.

Take some time and set your limits; for questions, contact our Customer Support


Playing responsibly, what's to know

We apply a policy of an ethical and responsible game offering, to be consumed with a responsible intent by our customers.

To support this mission, we proactively promote our Responsible Gaming tools to our customers for an enhanced safe and secure gaming environment.

We are devoted to offering our customers a 100% carefree, enjoyable and safe experience.



Our commitment

To leverage cutting-edge technology to offer the optimum experience to those who trust our products and services for their entertainment.


Alongside the honorary distinctions as "Operator of the Year", "Sports Betting Operator" at the EGR Marketing & Innovation Virtual Awards 2022 and "Mobile Operator of the Year 2019" award, Kaizen (Stoiximan//Betano) has been proudly awarded in the categories of "Socially responsible marketing campaign" and "Sportsbook innovation in responsible gambling", showing our true commitment to the Responsible Gaming cause.


Betano's Responsible Gaming Ambassadors

- Our trained Customer Support agents, your Responsible Gaming Ambassadors, handle all RG-related communications to make sure that you stay in control and use our products in a responsible manner, keeping it a game at all times.


Play for fun, keep it a game

Fun is the keyword here, and placing a bet for entertainment that you can afford is the only way to it; placing a bet too many times to break even, make money or any other motive than just leisure or fun is definitely not.

To know yourself, is to know when to stop

If you are feeling unsure whether you are at risk of developing an addiction or if you are concerned about playing too much, use our anonymous self-test to get some safe play advice based on your answers and your playing behavior

Keep your play in control with our RG tools here

Always choose to use a limit that works best with your gambling habits; you can test out the RG tools here by yourself or make use of our free RG tool consultation by our expert customer support agents

Keep an eye on the time spent

Time flies when you are having fun! And that is great, just make sure that you decide upfront how much time you are comfortable spending on our site per session so to make sure that you use our services as intended, for fun! Never spend your precious time on gambling when your agenda does not permit you to or when you find it would affect your work, relationships, mental or physical health, or family bonds.

Keeping an eye on money spent

Decide upfront how much money you are willing to spend on a maximum and how much you can afford to lose. Make a budget and stick to it. Make use of our RG tools to set a limit or contact our expert customer support agents for a free consultation.

Stay social

Gamble for fun and meet your friends or family no less than you would if you were not gambling. We surely do try our best to take good care of you, but no one knows you like your own loved ones. Do not alienate yourself from them for the sake of gambling.

Do not play while intoxicated

Gambling is to be practiced with calm and controlled decisions and any intoxication will decrease your ability to make reasonable ones. Use our RG tools to make sure that you can take a break before taking part in any intoxicating activity, to avoid uncontrolled losses.

Play responsibly and make sure that you understand what that means

If you think that you have a strategy that helps you win, think twice, as gambling is intended to be used as a pastime activity...and that’s about it. Feeling lucky? Or won something? That is great! But don’t quit your job just yet, gambling involves winning and losing, so make sure to keep it a game!